As a global company which operates In the United States, PFC-USA is governed by U.S. export control rules and regulations regarding the export and/or re-export of products, spare parts, accessories, training materials and technical data. It is the policy of PFC-USA that under no circumstances will sales be made contrary to U.S. Export control Law and regulations or the policies of PFC-USA Company’s Export Management and Compliance Program.

Every employee, distributor or representative of PFC-USA must remember that exporting our products Is a privilege, not a right, granted by the U.S. Government. This is critical for PFC-USA because, our core business take place In the International markets. Although most of our products do not require Export Licenses prior to shipment to most countries, many products are now more tightly controlled because of concerns regarding the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons, missile technology and nuclear weapons. Accordingly, PFC-USA as an exporter must assume greater responsibility for screening its customers and transactions. Careful review of both the end-use and the end-users involved with our international transactions is required to ensure export control compliance.

PFC-USA asks that each of you please take this issue very seriously and support the company In this effort. if you have any questions concerning the legitimacy of a transaction or potential violation, please contact us.

This Statement of Corporate Commitment to Export Compliance will be issued on an annual basis or earlier If necessitated by personnel changes, changes in management, or regulatory changes.